Ukraine Update:

A part of my trip to the capital of Ukraine-Kyiv. It was a very special trip. I traveled to this city for ministry many times but this trip was like no other. In my prayers for it I felt like I was intrigued, concerned and mixed emotions were overwhelming my soul as I was planned with God and deciding when to go. I felt a deep conviction that this week was the right one.

Thank you all that prayed for this trip, it proved once again powerful are the prayers of God’s people. The moment we crossed the border I knew it is a special mission to take most needed food, medicine and hygienic supplies for a church that is providing meals to more than 1500 people every week. Every security check point(we had to cross more than 39 of them) was one mile closer to our goal. When we came we saw a huge crowd of people getting ready for the meal and the Pastor sharing and praying for them and blessing even their enemies. That was such a special moment. The supplies we brought, insulin and other medicine are not available in the city they desperately needed them, it was an answer from the Lord for them. God always provides, as you pray and generously give.

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